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If you want to create professional videos but do not know how to use advanced tools, we recommend some that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Not everyone can pay for a copy of the software professional video editing Adobe or Sony. These programs are usually quite expensive, and besides being aimed at professionals and experienced amateurs, usually have a pretty big learning curve.

Fortunately, if you want to create a video that looks professional but you're not an expert, there are applications that are easy to use, free or inexpensive. Below we mention some of the best video editing so as to create videos from scratch with really cool animations.

Loopster is an application for creating and editing videos online extremely easy to use and with many ready to be integrated when needed resources. In Loopster they can be made collaborative project, has interactive tools that just need a few clicks, has an intuitive interface with many special effects and more than 600 sound effects completely free.

This tool is free but with certain limitations, for example, can only export videos with a maximum resolution of 480p, with watermark included and no more than 10 minutes. To get rid of those limitations offer various payment plans ranging from $ 3.99 per month and allow you to add more special effects to your video.


VideoScribe has become incredibly popular for being a very complete tool for creating animated videos that show a hand drawing on a white board. Making this type of animations from scratch is very complicated and extremely time consuming, but with this software can finish a project in a few hours. VideoScribe lets you choose whether or not to show a hand drawing, and if the show, you have hands available to women and men holding pens, markers, crayons and brushes, depending on what you're drawing. In addition, they have included hundreds of pictures, sounds, animations and colors for you to do anything you need.

VideoScribe is a tool pays and costs $ 29 a month, even if you pay the entire year monthly costs less than half, only 12 dollars. They have a trial period of a week with some limitations but is a good way to try and decide if it's worth to you. It also includes another program called Tawe to create diagrams and animated presentations.

PowToon is similar to VideoScribe tool because it also lets you create animations easily. When you start PowToon you see that there is a timeline on the bottom to add animations that are located on the right. Each object or person can be animated easily add a number of options to choose from. For example, if you are a woman, you can usually will change the position of the arms, facial expressions, or sitting or standing. All these changes are easily made and few clicks and videos are ready to be used on websites, and social networks.

PowToon has a free plan with many limitations: You can not download videos, you do not have commercial rights, there are only 10 songs and 11 styles available, have a watermark, and videos can not last longer than 5 minutes. Then they have two plans 89 and $ 197 per month without such restrictions, and other interesting features.